September 11, 2011

Fall Theater Events

Production #1:

Thin Ice Theater's fall season is on a roll.

We are hosting our first-ever benefit party this Friday evening, the 16th.  This is one of many steps we are taking to expand and solidify our programs.  Location and ticket and donation info is on our website.

Our fall production will be "Little Women" with the middle school age group, on November 18-20.  We've begun by measuring the cast members (they do grow from one show to the next!), and next week will begin the process of selecting and fitting costume items.

We don't have much in The Lake Forest Collection that's 1860s styling.  So we are brainstorming ideas of how to alter what we do have.  Fitted bodices, sloping shoulders, full, full skirts, and bonnets for the ladies.

And just look at this dress!  I would wear it in an instant if I owned it! (And if I lived the lifestyle to go with it.....)

Morning coats or squared off jackets for the gents.  That should be a little easier to manage.  (Famous last words...)


And Production #2:

Networking works, folks!  I have a costume job with Tellin' Tales Theatre for their fall show at the beginning of October.  Tellin' Tales has a wonderful mission statement:

"Tellin' Tales Theatre's mission is to build community through the art of storytelling. Our company gathers the stories of groups or individuals - including adults and children with disabilities - and creates theatrically innovative performances using mentoring and collaboration. Tellin' Tales is dedicated to providing a venue for bringing together diverse people. Our aim is to help our audiences and our performers recognize their commonalties and build a sense of community where none existed before."

This show, "Six Stories Up On Mt. Olympus", pairs youngsters with adult mentors to write and perform stories of facing the challenges in their young lives with the help of an ancient Greek god or goddess.  I was called in to make the tunics and togas for some of the gods, plus to communicate and organize and find other costume items.

So far, I've made my lists, and lists about my lists.  :-)   And I've found fabrics, and made and fitted some mock-up tunics.  Now I'm ready to sew.  Pictures will follow as the sewing progresses.

I'm very excited to have joined Tellin' Tales.  Couldn't ask for a more welcoming, warmer bunch of people.

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