November 25, 2012

Little Stones

Poking around in quilty blogs one day, I discovered Jude Hill.  I was immediately enchanted with her artistry, her photography, the ambiance of her posts, and her approach to her artwork.

Reading on, I discovered that one of her projects includes collecting small pieces from her readers that will eventually be included in her artwork.  I am really intrigued by this concept of using the internet as a tool or medium in creating art, not just as a static means of communication and information overload.

(I first discovered this concept via my son and a TED talk he shared.  There's a guy named Ze - pronounced zay - Frank who has a video blog named "a show".  It's an entirely different ambiance from Jude's website, ranging from vulnerable to irreverent, often with language that may offend some of you.  It is clearly heartfelt, expresses the range of who he is, and opens up thought on deep topics of Life.  He also asks viewers to contribute to various projects in which he combines and edits video bits and photos that are sent in, just like Jude is combining bits of cloth.)

Jude's project is called the Magic Feather Project.  She started by collecting bits of fabric embroidered with feathers of all imaginary sorts.  Next, she had started collecting fabrics with appliquéd stones.

This part really appealed to me (and besides, she had stopped asking for feathers by the time I found her blog).  I have been in love with small stones forever, and have adopted several baskets full.  When I was little and would go walking in the woods with my dad, he always was concerned because I was looking at the ground and not at the woods.  But I found some lovely stones that way, and have them still (including the one at the top of this photo).

I had a fine time searching through my fabrics for stone-like prints, and then appliquéing the soft, water worn shapes.  These are very tiny, the blue backgrounds are 1/2" - 2" square.

Here is how my little stones show up on Jude's blog.  I have been contacted by several of Jude's readers, and they are just as delightful as her blog.  Thanks, Jude.  

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