February 27, 2015

Three Wonderful Vintage Dresses

Here are three wonderful dresses from three very different eras of fashion.  I did minor repair work on all of them, nothing dazzling enough to blog about, but I think the dresses themselves are worthy of a few moments in the spotlight.

In chronological order:

#1 - c. 1910
Edwardian day dress.  If I had to pick a fashion era, I think I'd pick Edwardian.  These dresses and lovely detailing seem so feminine.  I love the double skirts, and the long lines seem very slimming.  This, of course, ignores the fact that for all their gracefulness, the extreme corset was the required undergarment, wasp waists and the s-curve body being the Thing.

This dress is made of a light and floaty striped cotton with black silk bands on the sleeves.  The silk bands were pretty tattered.  I replaced them, but after these photos were taken.

On Etsy, at Basya Berkman.

#2 - 1920s
Flapper brown silk dress with amazing buttons.  While the dresses of the '20s also have some really exciting detailing, I'm not as fond of the shapes.  They don't seem to do much for the female figure.  I know I'm not the first person to have than opinion.  That said, this dress is truly wonderful.

It's the buttons that are the best thing, I think.  They are gold filigree with a mirrored base showing through.  The dress had lost several buttons, but due to miraculous estate sale shopping, I had some on hand of the same style though a big larger.

On Etsy, at Basya Berkman.

#3 - 1960s
And finally, a stunning wedding gown and veil.  This is a princess-for-a-day wedding dress, with its lovely long train (which is removable for some great dancing at the reception) and matching long veil.

The dress just needed a good wash and a bit of mending on the bodice lining.  

On Etsy, at Basya Berkman.

I really enjoy doing repair work for my friend Julia - just look at all the pretties I get to play with!

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