March 13, 2015

Hexagons and Elephants

There are soooooo many Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts out there, that it's really fun to see someone doing something else with the good ol' hexagon!

This is like the hexagon version of the Trip Around the World pattern, isn't it?

I think that this quilt was made in the late 1930s / early 1940s, and has the usual variety of colorful prints and the signature solid pastels of that era.  This quilt was made by the owner's grandmother.  She was a professional seamstress.  This is quite clear.  The piecing is great and the quilting is especially notable for those coveted small and even stitches.

One of the prints just tickled me - elephants!

Here are some photos of the other fabrics in the quilt, but as you can see, I was so taken with the friendly little elephants, that I decided to include them in every photo!  To the right of the elephants are some little cats in bloomers.  And above the animals, a print of tiny sailboats and anchors.

Here are florals, both large and small, checks and stripes, and a geometric circles print.

This photo also shows the deep binding strip that I used to cover up the edges that had lots and lots of tears.  Occasionally, I also patched some of the tips of the purple hexagons, when the tears went further into the quilt.

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