May 6, 2015

When Mending a Dress is More Like Engineering than Sewing

Here's a photo my vintage clothing friend Julia took of me as I was puzzling out a repair.

The dress is (more precisely - was, and soon will be again) a perfect 1950s party dress, nearly all lace over satin.  The front panel of pleated netting has a bad rip in it.  Just at this moment I was happily realizing that my idea of where to cut and re-sew was actually going to work!

Some of the repairs I do for Julia are simple - closing seams, restitching hems, etc.  Some, like this one, are real challenges.  I'll post a step-by-step on this one when I get to the sewing.  Just thought I'd post a photo of me, because I hardly ever do.

In this photo, you also get to meet Julia's dress form, our good friend Ethel.  


  1. Some repairs can be very challenging. Fabric can be brittle and also matc hing thread sometimes is impossible. Good luck have done many costumes in the past. Chris

    1. All so true! That's certainly one of things having a vintage clothing friend is good for: challenges! Most recently, I've learned how to make ribbon roses so I could place them over some tears in a voile skirt. I've also learned skills like making hand rolled hems and swing tacks.