August 8, 2016

Heirloom Cross Stitch Quilt

Isn't this a lovely quilt?  Sometimes the simplicity of a two-color design can create the most impact of all.

This cross stitch quilt is a family heirloom, made by the grandmother of the current owner.  She was living in Columbus, OH, at the time she made the quilt in the 1970s.

The stitching is very well done, including nice feather quilting around the borders.

The fabric and the embroidery threads are both getting weak with age.  There are small tears in the white background fabric.  Some have earlier repair stitches.

I used a herringbone stitch to close the slits.  The stitches are parallel to the slit which makes them less likely to pull through the torn edge, and the diagonal threads that get laid down help the slit lay flat and closed.  Where possible, I slipped a piece of new cotton underneath the slit to help support the mending stitches. 

You can see detail photos of how this process works on this post about a schoolhouse quilt.

Here is a patch I added, on the left, next to an older patch. 

The owner now brings the quilt out just once a year at Christmas.  And what a perfect Christmas quilt it is!

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