September 20, 2016

Stitching Our Stories

Stitching Our Stories is an exhibit currently running in Santa Fe through October 20.   It's at the Santa Fe Arts Commission’s Community Gallery, 201 W. Marcy Street.  The use of needlework to express  family and social history is one of my favorite topics.  I'd go for sure if I was anywhere close!

The subtitle is:  Connecting Immigrant and Local Communities Through Story Cloths and Conversations.

The programs and exhibit were created by Art and Remembrance, an organization founded around the needlework panels made by Holocaust survivor Esther Nisenthal Krinitz.  The panels illustrate her memories of her early life in Europe and her escape from the Holocaust as a young girl.

Art and Remembrance has created a program called HeART and Story which guides recent immigrants to create their own story cloths about their journeys.  Their work is also on display. 

You can see the lovely Esther Krinitz panels in a book, Memories of Survival, and a video Through the Eye of the Needle (which you can also purchase).


  1. I've been familiar with Esther Krinitz' work for several years, having first seen an interview with her on YouTube. Hers is an amazing, and sobering story, but so beautifully told. Thank you for continuing to share her story.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Most of my father's family were killed during the Holocaust, he and his brother being the only two to escape. I grew up knowing their harrowing stories. So I am particularly appreciative of the needlework, the book, and the projects that this group is creating to bring more awareness and understanding into the world.