November 2, 2016

Sleuthing Around a Quilt - Part 2 Fabrics

What a lively quilt this is!  A full description is in the previous post.  Here are some more photos of the fun fabrics in the quilt.

1940s, the decade I believe the quilt top was begun.

These stylized flowers in purple and blue seem very 1950s or 60s to me.

The fabric in the center of this block couldn't be more 1950s if it tried!  And I think the floral in the triangles dates to the 1950s, maybe 60s.  I'm pretty sure this whole little block was a patch.  The way the edges lie certainly helps me believe that.  Plus it's not quilted!

I want to place the triangles in the 40s or 50s, and the square in the 60s or even 70s, on the basis of the colors and design styles.

The print in the right hand square is quite 1940s.
That magenta plaid in the triangles on the left is not!

The grey and soft brown, watercolor style leaf print seems very 60s to me.

I see these bright yellow and kelly green calicos in the 70s.

And here are a few more fabrics, just because they're fun.

Such a cute print, right?

I was really happy to see this print because I used to own pieces of it, one in blue and one in red.  I think I must've used them all up, because I can't find any scraps to photograph.

This pink plaid appears in several squares on the quilt, and every time, the squares are pieced of smaller pieces.  This quilt is definitely about using up scraps.

And finally,
a gorgeous umbrella conversation print.

I welcome any comments or ideas you may have on fabric dates and the construction and repair history of this quilt.  Please write in! 


  1. This is really lovely - I really like it when quilts have a history, a provenance that tells you something about the maker and the process for making it. Its like an archaeology dig! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Yes, you are so right. It's so funny that you compare this to archeology, because that was my major in college! I never went on for my PhD, but the love for anthropology and archeology is still very strong in me. I guess it shows! Thanks!

  2. I'm not a quilter at all. I found your blog while doing research for a novella which features quilters. I'm going to be hanging around here! I love seeing what you do with these quilts, and your enthusiasm for the fabrics is contagious.

    1. Hi, Sara! Thanks for writing in, and for the great compliments. You are right, both quilters and fabrics are pretty amazing. Perhaps your research will inspire you to start your own quilt! I'm repairing a quilt now that will become a really exciting post. Best of luck with your writing.