January 4, 2017

Buttons! Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy!


Well, for the last couple of weeks I've been pretty much sedentary due to a broken bone in my foot.  I have found the silver lining!  I resorted all my buttons!

Up until now, I've just had them divided according to whether I had just one or several of them.  That's been helpful when looking for replacement buttons for vintage clothes.  It worked well enough until I started going haywire at estate sales and coming home with button jars and boxes one after another.

So I sat around yesterday and sorted them by color as well.  The piles filled up my whole work table!  I really think I have enough buttons....

Even though I do need a good selection so I can find replacement buttons for the vintage clothes, and even though I do sometimes put buttons on quilts....  Even though I do use them, even though I love playing with them....  I'm on a self-imposed button buying hiatus. 

It did cheer me up quite a bit.  Lots of buttons are almost as satisfying as lots of fabric!  Hee hee.


  1. Look at that collection of colorful buttons! What a variety of shades and sizes - lucky you!!

    1. Ha, ha! I love shopping at estate sales. There's almost always a treasure of some sort.