November 13, 2017

More Quilts in the "Something From Nothing" Series

Here come the next three Something From Nothing quilts.  The series is all made from unwanted materials, primarily out-of-date decorator sample books.  (To learn more about the whys and wherefores of the series, visit Something From Nothing, and also follow the links at the end that will take you to other posts about quilts in the series.  You can find the whole set on my website.) 

Cathedral - 32" x 44.5"
This was shown in last weekend's annual Fine Art of Fiber exhibit at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  (Photos of all the entries in the show are on the FAOF website.)  All the fabrics in this quilt are different colorways of one print, no other fabrics have been added!  It was one of those quilts that mostly fell right together as I started playing with the fabrics.  Yes, there were a few sticky, problematic places.....but once the work-in-progress had hung on my design wall for long enough, the sticky places seemed to find their way to coming unstuck.


And these next two are, as you can see, the outliers of the series as far as shape and size go.

Right Side / Wrong Side - 10" x 93"
I had separated out a pile of fabrics based on some navy and antique gold prints.  I began to realize that, handily, they all had interesting reverse sides.  From there, I found other reversible fabrics and experimented with layouts to find the best way to juxtapose and emphasize the two sides.  I just couldn't leave any of the fabrics out, so now it's a ceiling to floor quilt!

Tiny - 5.25" x 5.25"
This was originally made as a nametag to wear to needlework guild meetings.  But once I put it on, it felt too big and heavy.  So I un-embroidered my name and found another fabric to applique in the middle.  And now it's the tiniest quilt in the series!

So maybe you are now wondering what I ended up with as a nametag?   It's a Something From Nothing, too!  It's the embroidered corner of an old silk hankie.  There were tears in the rest of the hankie, but happily the main embroidery was intact.  I think someone had picked out a monogram, because there were lots of stitch holes in the center diamond.  So I added my name, and a few extra leaves to balance out the way my name fit in the space.  It's only 4" x 2.75".   I love pansies.  I'm quite happy with it!


  1. I love your Something from Nothing series. It's fun to see what creativity results in between the imposed limitations.

    1. Thanks, Sara! I'm always excited by challenge projects and themed exhibits. It's fascinating to see how lots of creative minds approach the same topic and follow it to such widely varied results.