January 15, 2018

All About Love


Here's a sweet quilt that came to me carrying this very moving story.

My husband was in a terrible accident 11 years ago and was very close to dying. His church made him a quilt that they put on him when he was in the coma. He loves this blanket so incredibly much. Our black lab ripped parts of it when she was doing that circle nesting thing that dogs do before they lay down.

I was able to put three patches on the torn back, including a pretty large one.

I mended the tears on the front by reverse appliquéing some solid navy patches.  I also closed quite a few open seams in many areas.

I didn't put on any actual patches for two reasons.  The first, because a new fabric would almost certainly not be an exact match, and in a two-fabric quilt like this, would be pretty obvious.  And the second, and more important I think, is that the original fabric carries all the love and prayers that make this such a special keepsake quilt.

This quilt has been so well-loved that the fabric is super soft and getting quite weak.  I recommended to the owners that it only be gently hand washed from here on out.  It is so precious!

The faded label reads:

This quilt was made for ------- with love, hope, and prayers.
Each knot represents a prayer that was said for you.
First Reformed Church, Sioux Falls, SD
A member of Prayers and Squares, The Prayer Quilt Ministry.

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