May 16, 2018

Antique Quilt Study in Kansas City

It's a happening thing!  In less than one month, June 7-9, I'll be in Kansas City, participating in the MOKA Quilt Study Group Conference!  The presentation topics for the weekend focus on 19th century fabrics and design motifs and 19th century signature quilts. 

My lecture is taking shape:

The title of the lecture is Quilt Repair Tales.  I'll be talking about interesting quilts that have passed through my studio for care.  I'll be sharing both the family tales that quilts can embody, and tales of repair processes and techniques.

My fellow presenters are historians/authors Sandra Starley, Anita Loscalzo, and Lori Lee Triplett.  I'm honored to be included with the likes of these!

Sandra Starley wrote a wonderful description of the weekend's events.  

Info and registration forms are on the MOKA Facebook page, or email me via my website for PDFs if that's easier for you.  Registration deadline is coming up sooooon - May 21!

It's going to be a wonderful weekend of camaraderie and spectacular antique quilts!  Please come join us.  There will be antique beauties galore, I can assure you.

Once I'm totally done re-editing and re-re-editing and re-re-re-editing my lecture, I too will be able to say "I can't wait for June!"  Right now though, I'm being grateful for a bit more planning time....  Hee, hee.

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