June 6, 2018

Beaded 1940s Hat

Here's another vintage clothing repair tale.

I've talked several times before about my button collection, what fun it is, and how one can never have enough buttons.  There is always, always the chance of having just the perfect replacement for a missing button!

It's exactly the same story for beads!  I also buy these at estate sales. 

This hat was for sale at Basya Berkman Vintage, where I've learned my vintage clothing repair skills.  It was snapped up just a couple of hours after Julia listed it!  Here's how she described it:

Dramatically different.  1940s tiara-shaped statement hat, black wool.  Studded with star shaped, metallic beads, little gold balls, and faux pearls.

A "statement hat"... I love that!  It's certainly the right category for this hat!

Here are the beads I replaced, marked with red circles.

Here's the photo without circles, so you can see how hard it is to pick out the new beads!  Yea!

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