July 8, 2018

Summer Trees, Summer Skies, and a Visual Puzzle

I take photos nearly daily as a kind of mindfulness, meditative practice.  "Stay here, stay present."  I've collected some tree photos I really like and share them here.  The final one is a puzzle!

I especially love this color combination - steely blue-grey storm clouds moving on to the east, with afternoon sun reappearing in the west, shining on bright green leaves.  This is the view from my front door.  I take this shot often in changing light and sky.  Living across the street from a park is the best.

Clear, clear summer brightness. The same view, taken moments ago. 

This was taken a week or two ago as we picnicked at Ravinia Park prior to the show we'd come to see.  Pure color, no filters.  The temperature was perfect, too.  And the show was great - The Flying Karamazov Brothers!

And finally, the puzzle tree.  Taken in the park at Foster St. beach on Memorial Day weekend.  So.  What do you think?  How does this cute little fluff of a tree make a rectangular shadow??!!  I totally certify that this has not been photoshopped! 

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