October 23, 2018

Potholder Quilt with Disney Friends

The owner's great-grandmother made this quilt in 1974 for his mother.  It was made from the fabrics of dresses from his mother's childhood.  The dresses were originally handmade by his grandmother and great-grandmother, and then repurposed for the quilt.  So it is indeed a special memory quilt!

Here is the dated label.

This type of quilt is known as a potholder quilt.  It is constructed from rectangles of fabric that were folded in half, stuffed, and yarn tied.  Then the squares were whipstitched together into the quilt itself.  It makes a reversible quilt, both sides identical.

These are 6" squares.  They are stuffed with nylon stockings, and tied with one yarn tie in the center of each.

Two of the squares were torn (on the right in the photo), and I replaced them.  Many of the seams between squares had come open, and I closed them back up.  I did a lot of whipstitching!

The fabric choices were so fun!

A few feature Disney characters.

There are quite a few other conversation prints.


And some other interesting fabrics of the era.

Here's my favorite fabric!

If you're having trouble reading it, here's what it says:
Ticklemint chewing gum
Tickles your teeth as you chew
No more cavities forever

You may notice the nearly toothless grin of the mascot on the label.  Adorable!

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