March 20, 2019


My friend Julia of Basya Berkman Vintage (the person who supplies me with all the fun clothes needing creative repair solutions that you see in these posts) has told me that I need to do this bit of shameless self-promotion.  This is not in my nature.  At all.  But I am following Julia's advice.....

Firstly, my book has celebrated its first birthday.  And there is Big News here in the land of self-publishing:  My book is now on the shelves at both the museum shop of The National Museum of Quilts in Paducah, KY, and the shop at the Museum of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, DC!!!  I am absolutely thrilled!!!  And I am very grateful to these organizations for their votes of confidence in my work.

A Book With My Name On The Cover.  It's still a source of much amazement for me. Wow!
Secondly, the quilt repair biz here at my house is absolutely booming.

For stories of these quilts go to:

My website and blog are now firmly, it seems anyway, planted on the coveted first pages of Google and Bing, when searching for various combinations of antique, old, vintage, quilt, repair, or restoration.  My pages are also tops on QuilterBlogs with the tag "quilt repair".

How did this happen?  Doesn't everyone want to know that?  Well, I have no helpful information for you.  My husband who is a computer dude tells me that there are all sorts of nefarious things that people use to try to manipulate their Google status.  Not only am I too shy to be a nefarious person, I didn't even know about all that until I had him proofread this post.  I think it's probably a combination of using those key words liberally in my writing and tags, and plain ol' longevity.  (There's gotta be some sort of perk for the grey hair and wrinkles!  Hopefully, I will eventually find even more....  Perks, I mean, more perks.  The grey and wrinkles are easy to find.....)

And a big, big Thank You! to all of you who click on my pages and maybe even refer people to my pages.

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