September 12, 2020

Another Snowflake Quilt

Wonderful coincidences and quilt stories just keep on coming.  I love quilters!  Here's the newest one to arrive in my inbox:

I have inherited this quilt and saw you restored one just like it! Thank you for giving me some history of where this quilt came from. I didn’t know who made it but am a new quilter and really appreciated the work. So, that's pretty exciting!

Of course, I wrote back and asked if I could post the quilt and her story here.  She kindly agreed.  Here's what she has to tell:
My grandmother passed this spring  at the age of 89 and as we were going through her things at her house, getting ready to sell I came across this beautiful blue snowflake quilt. My mother and aunts hadn’t a memory of it at all. Since I have recently gotten into quilting they let me have it. Who knows how long it had been there. It’s in pretty great condition for the age and things. A few stains and the binding is worn. My grandmother sewed clothes for her five daughters but never really quilted. But her mother did quilt. We don’t know who quilted it but I like to think it was made by someone in my family for my grandmother. I will treasure it for a long time! Thank you for welcoming me and my quilts story.

Such fun, right?  And what a great to way for her to start quilting and enjoying the wonderful world of quilts!

Here's the snowflake quilt I mended.  It's a Paragon kit quilt, so the two quilts are virtually identical.  

The repair goal I had was to mend a burn hole from a double pointed iron.  The burn had gone all the way through the three layers of the quilt. 

Here is the finished mend.  The owner asked me to add an embroidered dedication to her relatives, the one who made the quilt and the one who received it as a graduation gift.

The really exciting thing is that the maker's diaries were inherited along with the quilt, and she left us a full account of her process in making the quilt! 

You can read more about the diary story and the mending process on previous posts.  It's really quite exciting!

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