July 12, 2021

A Couple of Short Updates


1.  The Current Quilt Repair Job
What better way to spend some summer days than mending a mostly wool and flannel crazy quilt?  Well...yeah...I know...  I took this in-progress photo just for fun, and have decided I really like the photo as its own little piece of abstract composition.   

The dark fabrics are wool, the check is cotton flannel, and the red and white leaves are a woven upholstery-weight fabric.  It had pulled out from under the binding and frayed.  I took the photo when I was in the midst of inserting a nicely matching piece of wool, the bottom edge of which is turned under and stitched to the binding, the top edge of which is underneath the turn under of the fancy fabric.

The quilt is one of three family quilts sent to me as a group.  There is another wool crazy quilt dated 1948 in embroidery, which shares some of the same fabrics as this one.  A blog post on all three will be forthcoming.

2.  Email Blog Subscription Change
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2 1/2.  Email Blog Subscription Invitation
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.....And now....back to sewing with wool in July.....


  1. I'm slaving away over a hot and heavy vintage repair right now, too, but at least mine's not wool! Just 3/8" dense, compacted cotton batting that gives an awful lot of weight (and warmth) to a cotton quilt. The one you're working on looks intriguing with its decorative stitching -- I look forward to seeing the whole thing when you're finished!

    1. I'm usually one of the last people to think it's gotten hot enough to turn on the A/C, but these quilts made me soooo happy to have the A/C on! I didn't mention that the back of this one is one of those heavy, kinda scratchy wool blankets. Yes, I would imagine that the batting in yours would have a similar effect.