September 28, 2021

Preserving Our Quilt Legacy - Virtual Workshop - Starting soon!

Hey, hey - I'm starting to get the hang of this video promotion situation! My second video is up and running. It's a little "tour" of a great crazy quilt that I've been repairing. 

And this video is by way, of course, of reminding you that the start date for my quilt care and repair workshop is coming closer and closer. You can register for the whole workshop, or for selected alá carte items. Full details and registration info can be found on my website.
Bringing a damaged quilt back to life is such a satisfying endeavor. It honors the quiltmaker and the whole of quilting history. You can check out this blog for stories and photos of the repairs of quilts like these:

beaded crazy quilt, made by the owner's grandmother

signed by the grandmother of the current owner

Improved Nine-patch, before restoration
Improved Nine-patch, after restoration

1894 wedding quilt, signed by friends and family

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