June 6, 2022

Hawaiian Quilt

The category "Hawaiian quilt" probably conjures up the well-known style of quilt developed in Hawaii.  These quilts use two large pieces of solid-color fabric.  One piece is folded like a paper snowflake, cut in an intricate botanical pattern, carefully unfolded onto the base fabric, and appliquéd down.  Then, it is quilted in parallel lines that echo the shapes of the appliqué.  


This quilt was made in Hawaii, as the machine embroidered label tells us, but varies from this famous design style.  

The pattern is three ribbon-like strips entwined with a leafy vine.  The quilting is the signature style, echoing the appliqué shapes.  And like the famous Hawaiian style, the technique is top notch.  Both the appliqué and quilting stitches are small and even, and points on the appliqués are smooth and not lumpy.  

One of the ribbon strips was showing some wear in just one area of the quilt. 



I had a very closely matching fabric in my stash - one of the reasons I have a room full of fabric.  I hardly ever have to go shopping for patch fabrics these days.  I generally only shop when I need yardage for backs or bindings.  The other reason the room is so full is that I love fabric!

In fact, I had three near matches, and spent some time looking at them under both day and night lighting in order to pick the closest one.

I traced the appliqué shapes and then added turn under allowances as I cut the fabric shapes. 

I then appliquéd the shapes in place, carefully working around leaves and stems that had been appliquéd over the ribbons when the quilt was made.


There also was a small burn hole, caused by an incense stick spark.  I went through the same process of looking for the closest color match to fill the hole.   


I snipped the edges of the hole and turned them under, slipped a small bit of patch fabric underneath, and held everything in place with tiny couching stitches.  

You can see the full quilt and more details of the beautiful stitching in a video I made mid-way through the repair process.   


  1. Masterfully repaired, as usual, Ann! What a stunning hand stitched treasure!

    1. Thanks so much for the great support, also as usual. And yes, a beautifully crafted quilt for sure.