May 15, 2023

A Wedding in Italy

A flash of inspiration birthed this quilt.  It celebrates the wedding of two of my daughter's super super good friends.  

They married last fall with a destination wedding in Italy, a gorgeous setting.  This quilt is my rendition of a photo taken on The Day.  

The inspiration continued throughout the design and construction.  Having decided on the layout, and enlarged and traced the photo, I had my pattern. 

Then I started choosing the fabrics.  The right ones just flew into my hands.  I made only one edit!

That's a pretty good omen, don't you think?

Construction details:
Well, technically, this isn't a quilt - it's more of a collage.  I'd thought about fusing the little pieces on and then stitching wandering lines over the whole thing, but soon decided that could potentially damage the teensiest pieces and also muddy the design.  (The whole piece, including frame, is just  18 x 12.5".)  So the pieces are backed with a substantial interfacing and seriously glued on.  There's flannel between the fancy top and the back in place of batting.  

Here are fabrics, with rough-cut pieces interfaced and traced shapes pinned on.

The cutting progresses.

I used the traced pattern to help place each piece where it belongs.

Most pieces cut and placed and glued.

Adding  the frame.

Finishing the edges with facings.

I embroidered a dedication and my signature on the back.  And.....completed! 

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