October 28, 2023

Quilt Repair Tidbits #3

The next post of fun quilt repair moments. 

This week:  a prize-winning family heirloom quilt.  Check out the design and sewing skills, about as perfect as a quilt can get.

I hope this beauty will inspire you to join in the virtual quilt repair and care workshop that I will be teaching in winter 2024.  All the info is on my websiteEmail to be added to the mailing list for notification when registration opens.

The workshop will cover restoration and conservation supplies and techniques and how to choose which to use, and also, fabric history, and preservation concepts like storage and cleaning.  Everyone will get to show a quilt or two and we’ll discuss how to proceed with their care.

The marvelous appliqué.

 The marvelous quilting. The feather wreath echoes the appliqué.

Look at the border with alternating flower designs!

How many stitches per inch?!  Beautifully made!

There were a few areas of worn fabric.  Since the owner was planning to continue storing the quilt, we decided against doing any stitching into the weakened fabrics and left it as is. 

I recommended storing with proper materials, especially padding the folds with acid-free tissue paper rolls, and also, periodic refolding along different lines.  These will avoid worsening the creases that have formed which could eventually lead to more fabric damage.

The Woman’s Day Sweepstakes Prize for appliqué.  Unfortunately, some of the identifying info about the venue is illegible.  Quilt likely dates to the 1930s or so. 

Kudos to this quilter of the past for honing her skills and making this graceful and wondrous quilt!


  1. Donna RiouxOctober 30, 2023

    I highly recommend this workshop. I participated a few years back and use what I learned often when doing repairs. I like the book so much I accidentally bought two. (gifted one of them). Thanks so much for offering the classes!

    1. Hi, Donna. Thanks so much for the kind words! You are welcome. I really do want to get more people taking care of old quilts. It's good to hear from you and to hear that you are busily repairing.