October 10, 2011

Fashion Show

I'll be helping my friend Rare Jule with a fashion show on Friday night. She's my friend with the Etsy shop selling vintage clothing, the one I help out / learn with by repairing things as needed.  Me - at a fashion show - imagine that!  This will be especially fun for the young and hip (and I'm hoping some of both will rub off on me).

There'll be vintage music to accompany the vintage clothes, representing the 1940s through the 1970s.  And Julia is masterful at accessorizing with fun hats, jewelry, and shoes.  (Uh-oh, did y'all catch that - the 1970s - high school and college years - that's now "vintage".....  gulp.)

We had the dress rehearsal last night.  Wow.  One thing I learned for sure is that fashion shows go Really Fast.  Eight models, four outfits each, one for each decade.  It's a non-stop flurry of buttons, zippers, earrings, hats, and hangers.  There are two dressers (I'm one) and a hair and make-up person.  Everything has to be totally organized backstage for the split-second changes.

Here's the scoop on the show:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=214251628638219 

I've worked on several of the things that will be in the show:

closed split seams

 re-beaded the bodice - a description of that process can be found here

added new buttons where none existed

replaced a few missing beads

replaced elastic on sleeves

replaced broken zipper

Here's the address of the shop where you can see the entire collection: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BasyaBerkman

So, just think of me next Friday night, dashing about in the Chicago bar scene!  Or come on out, and be young and hip (ish) with me.  Tee hee.

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