October 31, 2011

Little Women costuming

The show is coming soon!  Shows are November 18-20, with a sneak peek promo at the main Evanston library on November 8.  http://thinicetheater.com/

I'll be posting projects as these next couple of weeks roll along.

Vintage Black Lace blouse for Aunt March

Look at how lovely this lace is!

The blouse needed a gusset in the back to extend the size a bit.  Our actress probably could have fit in, if she was wearing a corset like a proper lady.  Well, we don't go that far with our costuming!  I was also glad to get some of the tension of closing the blouse off of the fragile old fabrics.

I made the gusset by interfacing one side of a rectangle of fabric, folding, stitching all around, and turning, so there would be no raw edges.  Here it is pinned on, outside view and .......

...... inside view.

Then the strip was hand-stitched to the blouse, longer stitches on the inside, tiny stitches on the outside.  And I basted a line to indicate where the other side of the blouse should fall, a guide to moving the hook-eyes.

Here's about how it will look once the hook-eyes have been moved over onto the gusset.

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