December 8, 2013

Being an Author

Being an author means getting good at self-promotion.  That is, being an author who actually sells books means getting good at self-promotion.  This is not something that comes easily to me.

Therefore, having friends who volunteer to do some promotion for me is a really, really good thing.
Summer Sanctuary by Ann Fahl
Many thanks to Ann Fahl for writing such a wonderful review of my book on her blog.  I met Ann quite a while before my 23 year old first child was born, so we go back a ways.  In the intervening years, her quilt career has taken her into authorship as well as teaching and making prize-winning quilts featuring flowers, birds, and cats.  Visit her website to "meet" her and enjoy her graceful art.

Lately, Ann has been restoring a red, green, and white tulip quilt, and chronicling her progress via her blog (follow the "restoring old quilts" label.)  Those 19th century red, white, and green lovelies have always been among my favorites.

Between the quilts, and fondness for cats, Mother Nature, and ancient Egypt, we have lots more in common than just our names.

Thanks, Ann!!!
Garden of the Sun God by Ann Fahl

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