December 16, 2013

Little Cabin in the Woods

I have just completed working on a set of twin-size quilts made in 1934.  I restitched several places where the appliqués were coming loose, and rebound both quilts.

I haven't been able to find any info on the pattern, so if anyone knows anything about it, please let me know.  All I know is that I like it a lot!

Here are a few fun things about the construction of the quilts.

There were two green fabrics used.  One was used for the trees of one quilt and the binding of the other quilt, and the other green was used in the opposite placement.  One of the greens held its color pretty well, while the other faded away to almost nothing.  I really like the idea of alternating the two fabrics like that though, making the quilts clearly a set, but not identical.  (The owner and I decided that I should use the same fabric to rebind both quilts, since there really is nothing left of the faded green to match to, and she likes the look of the dark edging.)


The cabin shape is outlined in quilting in the alternate blocks.

I like the choices of prints for the smoke fabric.  You can see how the fabrics for the smoke, chimneys, and cabins also make the quilts "the same, but different."

I marvel at the quiltmaker's dedication to this project.  The amount and delicacy of the appliqué needed for each tree is amazing.......and there are a lot of trees!

The inscriptions are really cool.  The embroidery is many tiny little stitches perpendicular to the strokes of the letters. It makes a nice, strong line.

A signed and dated quilt is always fun to see.  George was a lucky person, indeed!

And then, here's what started going on outside my house while I was taking these photos.

This makes me want to stay inside my little house in the trees and start a fire in the hearth, too.



  1. Ann, These are lovely quilts! The cabins are just adorable!!! Please keep us posted if you learn more about this pattern. Happy Monday!

    1. Yes, "adorable" is exactly the right word to use. I'm definitely ready to move right in. :-)