March 17, 2014

Cheery Cherry Wreath

This quilt was made near Millmont, PA.  It was purchased in the early 1990s on the farm of an Amish quilter who was selling both her own quilts and those made by other quilters in the area.

The quilt block is called cherry wreath.  I like the clean, clear look of the quilt, due to the great balance of color, and the expanses of white.  And as every quilter knows, stitching all those circles is a challenge and requires an experienced hand at appliqué.

There is a graceful design to decorate the pillows, and sweet heart quilting along the scalloped edges of the large white borders that drop over the sides of the bed.

Best of all, I like the fabrics the quilter chose.  The navy print design echoes the appliqué pattern, with its red circles, and stems and leaves.  I always like finding those little extra sparks of creativity and thought, and fabric that is chosen to match the pieced or appliqué design is one of my very favorite treats.

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