March 25, 2014

Delicate Edwardian Dress

I did a tiny bit of repair work on this lovely, delicate Edwardian dress.  As always, it is fascinating to hold and handle these amazing old pieces, explore the construction details, and marvel at the age and quality of the fabrics and laces.

The Edwardian era is named after King Edward VII of England, who reigned from 1901-1910.  The era generally is extended a bit past his rule, to or through World War I.  

This dress exhibits lots of the fashion details of that era -
pale color (often sold with poetic names like "ashes of roses", which I imagine could be this very color)
soft, "wilting" fabrics
layered skirt
pouched bodice
columnar silhouette

Here are a couple of sites about the clothing of this time I found fun:
article - Fashion in the Edwardian Era

This detail shows the pleating of the chiffon, the wonderful lace, and the styling on the sleeve.

This dress would be right at home for high tea at 165 Eaton Place or Downton Abbey, don't you think?

Read more about it, or even buy it, at Basya Berkman Vintage Fashion, and thank my friend Julia, who rescues these wonderful, wonderful antiques.  

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  1. What a beautiful dress. I am always awed by period pieces.