July 24, 2014

.... and More Buttons

Yep, another estate sale, another button jar.  I just can't pass 'em up.  All these for one dollar, folks.  Score!  (Thanks to my friend Gloria who spotted these while I was reveling in a box of sewing room odds and ends.)

I have now reached the point of no return.  I must DO something with all these buttons!  Jewelry?  Quilt embellishment?  (I've already done a bit of that, see links below.)  A quilt design executed entirely in buttons?
But of course, I also need to save some for vintage clothing repairs.  

Yes, to all these.  I have plenty enough for everything.......  And then some.......

Isn't it amazing how many styles of buttons there are in the world?  Seemingly infinite.

Such fun!  I love my buttons!

One more quilt in this series that I haven't photo'd yet features lots of buttons.

Note that the stars and bells on other ornaments were also found at an estate sale.  I love shopping at estate sales!

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