July 20, 2014

Vintage Music

At an estate sale, I found some wonderful old music magazines.  I bought a few and gave them to a musician friend for her birthday.  A couple are from 1910, and a couple from 1933.  I photographed some interesting bits to share with you here.

Covers went from black and white to color at some point during the intervening years.

Here's how the banner page design changed:

And here are photos of people, a nice bit of reference for period costuming.





Illustration for the article "Hill Billy" Folk Music: A Little Known American Type.

There are loads of other fun things to see:

premiums that can come along with a subscription order, 1910 and 1933

Carrie Nation's organ

music theme jewelry


  1. Let me just say - Best birthday present ever!

    1. Big grin! I bought them in January. I'm glad a had a good long time to enjoy them before your birthday came around.