September 11, 2014

Embroidery Mistresspiece part 3

Here's how I replaced and re-embroidered a couple of patches on this wonderful crazy quilt.

Usually, I patch just up to the embroidery, so the original stitches are maintained.  But there were a couple of patches where the embroidery covered nearly the whole fabric, so the owner and I decided that I should replace both.

The worn patch.
This photo became my reference for reproducing the embroidery.

Tracing both fabric shape and embroidery placement.

New red fabric cut out.

Ladder stitching to appliqué the patch.

Completed patch.

Tracing paper laid on top, pins mark spacing for embroidery.


Completed patch.

Before and after photos of another re-embroidered patch.

The two previous posts have photos of embroidery and fabrics, and the wonderful story of this quilt.

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