June 29, 2015

Fun and Easy Crib Quilt

This perky crib quilt was brought to me for repairs.

The idea is so creative!  Absolutely everything is reversed from red to white - two-color polka dot fabrics, trims, ties, and ruffle.

Technical details:
- The ties don't go all the way through the quilt, just into the batting.  I replaced a couple of missing ties, and discovered that I could stitch the one side's tie into the other.
- The ruffle is made of two strips seamed together, instead of one piece folded in half.  So clever!
- The ruffle is not quilt-weight cotton.  It's a light-weight knit, polyester or blend, a tad stiffer than the cotton but still able to gather.  It gives the ruffle a bit more oomph.

What tickles me is that even this old mend was carefully done to match each side.

The biggest problem was a tear on one side along the edge the red fabric.  I have a vintage fabric with white dots on red that, because of being vintage, is pretty much exactly the same red as the original.  Even though the dots are a different size, it's such a narrow piece that it blends right in.  This is why shopping at estate sales and rummage sales for vintage fabrics is such fun.  One just never knows what will come in handy!  This is how I justify having a room full of fabric!

There was also a hole, which I patched with a small piece of fabric and a small piece of lace.  I pick up laces and trims at estate sales, too.  Most of the other problems were due to old breaking threads, both around the edges and loose sections of lace.

And then I gave the quilt a bath, following the procedures described in my book

There is a happy and gratifying story that comes along with this quilt, too.  The customer who brought to it me is expecting her first child in a couple of months.  This was her baby quilt, made by a dear family friend in 1980.  She is planning on bringing the new little one home from the hospital in this quilt.  I love it!

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