June 3, 2015

Magic Vine - Quilting Progress

I've spent a few weeks with relaxing sewing while watching fun things on Netflix, a very nice "spring break."

One project that's benefited is the vintage Magic Vine quilt top that I am finishing.  I started the quilting 25+ years ago!  I've only worked on it now and then, when I go someplace to demonstrate hand quilting.  After its most recent excursion last November, I decided to push forward and finally finish it.

I bought the top, made in the 1930s, complete with back fabric, at the antique quilt shop where I used to work.  You can read more about the pattern and fabrics in two previous posts.

I've been quilting a garden lattice behind the vines.  Now, I have finished extending the lattice into the inner borders.  The next step is deciding how to quilt the outer, leaf vine border.  I don't want to extend the lattice even further.  It would be kind of boring, I think.  And also, because I marked this bit by bit over all these years, I discovered some inconsistencies in the marking, and extending the lattice proved to be problematical in places.  No need to emphasize that even more!

When I bought the top, I decided to give it the best finish I could to honor the anonymous woman who did such amazing appliqué.  I did find one "oops" on her part in the border piecing, so I'm a little less sad to have skewed the quilting lines.  I guess she was better at appliqué than at math!

So these things happen even to the most highly skilled amongst us!  I hope that she's enjoying the outcome and will rejoice at the final finishing, as will I.

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