August 24, 2015

Sharing Some Fun Blogging

Stephanie Ann, over at her blog World Turn'd Upside Down, posted two really fun items last week.
Stephanie Ann is a re-enactor, historian, crafter, and cook whose blog has tons of great info on all these things, well worth a visit.

One -
Her new 1940s dress.
Photo: World Turn'd Upside Down
I just love the 40s styling.  It has some pretty detailed patterning and extra seams, but the end result is much more exciting than shaping the look just with basic darts.  (Be sure to scroll down to the end of the post.  Stephanie has included links to other folks who've used the same pattern, so you can see it in a variety of fabrics.)

I'm reminded of a dress I mended for Basya Berkman not long ago.  It's a 1930s-40s rayon.  I don't have photos of the whole dress yet, but here are a couple of construction details.  And I just love the fabric.  (You can see from the seam allowances along the zipper how much it's faded over the years.  I think I like it both ways, new and aged.)

Shirring at the neckline.

Bust fullness made by gathering into a shaped midriff panel.

Sleeve cuff shape and gathering echoes the midriff.

On the model.

Two -
Stephanie shared a post from a conservation site called In The Artifact Lab in which a conservator details her tool kit.  Most surprising tool - a porcupine quill!

I'm fascinated by the knowledge and skill of top-notch conservators.  The Conservation Center in Chicago is an amazing conservation lab.  Their newsletter highlights their most interesting projects and is great fun to read.

If I had it to do all over again, I might pursue a conservation degree.  For me, "the older the better" has always been my motto!

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