August 20, 2015

Yep, I'm Crowing - Publicity Came Looking For Me

They say that the best kind of publicity is a free write-up, and they say that it doesn't matter what the reporter actually says as long as she spells your name right.  Well, I'm sailing along with both of those today, and what she said was pretty nice, too!

I just got written up in an article in Crain's Chicago Business!  I am happy to say that I'm one of only seven "old-school artisans" in the piece.

The Fixers: Meet the Area's Top Artisans and Restorers

The article certainly puts my name in front of lots of people in a very different realm.  Best yet, I've already been contacted by someone who saw the article! 

The backstage story behind my bit of the article belies the calm, to-the-point presentation.  We were returning home from Philly, having had a wonderful weekend seeing our daughter's choreography performed at a pretty big-name dance festival.  We had a quick change of planes in Cincinnati.  When we landed there and I turned on my phone, I was met by multiple urgent texts and missed calls from my daughter Katrina and my friend Julia.

The reporter, having not been able to reach me while in airplane-mode, had sleuthed around in my blog and pursued my vintage clothes connection with Julia at her Etsy shop address.  Julia contacted Katrina, because she knew we'd been with her in Philly.

I had absolutely no time to call the reporter from Cincinnati, with just barely enough time to scoot across the airport to the second flight.  Katrina called the reporter and told her when I'd be on the ground in Chicago.

The urgency was that the reporter's deadline was that evening and she needed to interview me before 5:00 and it was already something like 3:00 when we landed!  I gave her a quick call as we trundled through the airport, and then I called for real from the cab and she interviewed me en route from the airport to our house!  I was pretty amazed that I was able to focus and sound even remotely intelligent.

Talk about a wild and wacky day!

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