March 24, 2016

Lovely Laces and Buttons

Here's a lovely little chiffon blouse from the Basya Berkman Vintage collection.  The only mending help it needed from me was re-attaching loose snaps.  I'm sharing it here because the laces and buttons are so delightful.

The buttons, which are decorative only, are sweet little crocheted covers over solid bases. (The front placket snaps closed.)

There are three laces on the blouse, a narrow one and two wide ones that have been used together to make a deeper edge for the collar.

It's the two-layer, 3-D flowers that fascinate me!

The shoulder and sleeve seams are delicately faggoted.

I also want to point out the choice of color for the little neck bow.  I think in today's market, the bow would be in a matching satin.  The use of black really speaks to the vintage styling of the blouse.  It's similar to the antique quilts that I am familiar with, where the use of black as an accent to pastels is very much a color choice of the 1920s and 30s.

All in all, it is an ultimately feminine little blouse.  It's also a great example of detailing making the garment, something that most off-the-rack clothes are lacking these days. 


  1. It's just beautiful! What garment would have been worn under it? I ask because whatever was worn would have shown through the holes created by the faggoting. What that have been a concern to the wearer?
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

    1. I would guess a slip or shell of some sort would have been worn under sheer things, probably under everything really. That would leave skin showing through the faggoting. I'll ask Julia, who has the shop that's selling this blouse.