March 4, 2016

Two Quilts

I spent last week visiting the Seattle area.  What a lovely part of the world! 

To make the experience even more fun, there were two quilts with some great conversation prints at my friend's house.  Both are signed and dated.
This quilt is called "Gypsy Wife Bicycling" made by Durlyn Finnie of Seattle in 2015.  The combination of patchwork blocks and strips and bright colors make for quite a cheery quilt.  I got to sleep with this one!

Durlyn collected absolute gobs of fabrics with cyclists and bicycles of all sorts and colors.

She also included fabrics printed with maps, a landscapes print, and some fun things to see along the road like chickens, huge sunflowers, palm trees, and a sidewalk café for a pleasant bite to eat.

The second quilt was made in 1999 by my friend's sister as a birthday gift.  It's one of those cozy, very "quilty" quilts, and well-used and well-loved.  It's made totally from scraps, front and back.  I haven't been able to find the name of the block.

The three triangles with turquoise birds fabric in this photo have a story - they are scraps from a dress the sister made a few decades ago so my friend would have a dress to wear to her first big job interview.

This conversation print immediately caught my eye - dress forms, sewing machine, scissors, thread - perfect seamstress fabric.

And here are a couple of photos showing some of the other fabrics in the quilt.

So, I enjoyed time with my son and with friends, picked up stones and shells on the beaches of Puget Sound, took loads of photos, ate delicious food, had great conversations, went to the top of a mountain (a super big deal for a flatlander like me), and......collected more conversation prints.  A great vacation all 'round!

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