December 1, 2016

Edwardian Bodice, Embroidery and Fine Detailing

My friend Julia, proprietress of Basya Berkman Vintage Fashion, comes across some really marvelous old pieces during her search for marvelous old clothing.  This one is a super marvelous, old, old piece that is too delicate and troubled to be mended and worn.  It will be lovely as a decorative piece, just to marvel over.  And I also get to share it here with you.

It is a silk Victorian era shirtwaist, to be worn with a skirt.  There is a cream-colored blouse attached inside the black shirtwaist with an embroidered panel tucked inside the lower half of the opening.  Each layer closes with its own set of hooks and eyes. 

The center edges of the black silk are decorated with a double silk trim with delicate edge stitching, attached with a faggoted seam.

Unfortunately, the trim is in pretty bad shape in quite a few places.

The cuffs have more of the embroidery and trim, plus lovely thread-covered buttons.

The sleeves and yokes are cut in one piece.  The shirtwaist is shaped by pleated midriff panels.  The seam between the two sections is outlined with a small covered cording.

Made in Paris!  How fun!

I found a picture of dresses for a garden party, printed in 1900.  At the bottom is the name of this dress shop.  I also found a receipt for a sale at the shop in 1906.  (These are both items for sale, so the links may not stay active for very long.)

This is the lovely embroidered center panel.  (I learned more about the history and origin of the embroidery from one of my followers, and wrote a second post.)  The buttons are clear, with tiny pink flowers embedded inside.

I remain convinced that my favorite women's fashions come from the Edwardian era!

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