July 3, 2017

Catching The Moment

For the past few years, I've been using photography as a means to mindfulness and awareness.  I've been taking daily photos of little things that catch my eye - things that either are artsy or symbolic of what I'm doing with my day and my self, or sometimes both at once.  A subcategory has been watching the light and sky out my front door.  I live across from a park, so have great sky views!  Also, I have a huge front window that lets all the changing light into my living room.  It's where I sit to hand sew.

Yesterday, I glanced up right after a small but heavy rain came through.  The clouds were amazing.  I grabbed my camera, but didn’t get to take the photo, because my neighbor was coming up the walk to return my sewing machine which she had borrowed for a couple of hours.  As she left, the clouds were still great and the sun broke through up above.  I quick snapped the photo, all smiles and excitement. 

I’ve always loved that odd combination of sunlit yellowish green leaves against dark blue-grey storm clouds.  It’s a color combination I’d never have thought of on my own, so I find it fascinating that it looks so cool.  It also speaks to mindfulness quite strongly, as these moments pass in an instant. 

I've been thinking to share some of my daily photos just for fun.  So perhaps this is a beginning of that aspect of this practice. 

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