July 21, 2017

Today is My Day

Ever since childhood, I've relished having my birthday as My Own Special Day.  So today is that kind of special!  It's also, as a friend of mine noted, my Beatles Birthday.  Can you guess why that is?

So I'm posting a few pix of my celebrations so far.

On Wednesday, I picked up a few fun items at an estate sale being managed by my vintage clothing friend Julia.  A graceful, slightly translucent, white glass serving bowl - two little tea cups marked Made In Germany.  I'm always drawn to a nice bit of tableware!

Yesterday, when my husband and I got home from a long, lovely conversation with a long-time friend, there were four and only four items in the mailbox - and they were all birthday cards!  How sweet is that?!

One of them is an intricate pop-up birthday cake, which will be the centerpiece of my table for the duration of the weekend, at least.

And here's my friend's sweet granddaughter.  We've known each other since our daughters were this age.  A Cycle of Life moment, for sure.

Last night, a late phone call from my son made the first official happy birthday wish at midnight.  And the best news of all is notification of my daughter getting last minute plane tix for the weekend.  She is making a wedding dress for a friend, and we will have our second intensive weekend of fitting and sewing.  The lace we will be using is from her mother's wedding dress, making it another Cycle of Life event.  Here's a photo from our first sewing weekend in May, bride on the left, mother of the bride in the center, my darlin' daughter on the right.

And then this morning, there was a lovely Joseph Campbell quote posted on Instagram by lostintime_archives.  It touches on concepts of flow and learning from life's ups and downs, which are concepts that I have given quite a bit of musing time of late.

So, all in all, adding in a movie and dinner out with my husband tonight, it's shaping up to be a grand celebration!

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