September 21, 2017

A New Family Member

Well, if my beloved Bernina 830 is my first child, which it undoubtedly is, I am proud to announce the addition of its twin to the family.

A short while ago, I joined a Facebook group called Vintage Bernina Sewing Machines.  I soon became aware that lots of people are as in love with this model as I have been.

Shortly thereafter, this one showed up for sale, complete with a collection of feet and a knee lift.  The page is not just a sales list.  There is much more discussion and info about any and all Bernina models than there are sales notices.  It's a real treasure trove.

I bought what is now my first Bernina in 1980-something.  I've never had a hiccup of trouble with it, save some issues with the knee lift.  I was told, when I had that repaired several years ago, that the home Bernina factory in Switzerland had flooded, and their stash of replacement parts for older models had taken a big hit.

I've been a little on edge about that ever since.  My lovely machine and I are a real team.  We've got what I do pretty well all figured out.  On top of that, I'm definitely an "old dog" (in many arenas and all times of my life).  I don't want a fancy computerized model that costs a bunch because of all sorts of things I won't use.  I think the only new gadget I'd like to have is the stitch regulator for free-motion quilting.  But otherwise, I'm totally fine with still doing some things manually while having a machine with solid, all-metal innards that I already know and love.

So when this baby came up on the list, I decided to buy it.  As those who know me are aware, I don't spend money easily, but this was one of those moments where "my gut" told me an emphatic YES.  Besides all the aforementioned facts, the seller lives about an hour's drive from me - so no shipping hoo-ha and cost required.  It had to be mine!  And I'm happy to say that I have not one bit of buyer's remorse!

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