September 23, 2017

Creative Quilt Ties

What really intrigued me about this quilt were the "ties".  Instead of the usual yarn or thread knotting, this quilter "tied" her quilt with oversize lazy daisy stitches!  Sometimes, she used a contrasting thread that lets the stitches really show.

Here's the stitching, front and back.  Very clever, don't you think?  And the brocade on the back is really lovely! 


Sadly, this quilt is another survivor of doggie chews.  I patched tears and pulled together open seams.  The fabrics are mostly rayons; the pattern is bow tie.

I'm showing a couple of close-ups, because the colors are so subtle that the patchwork doesn't show well in a full shot.

The family thinks it came from the Georgia-Florida side of the family.  The owner's mom probably had it as a girl in the 1940's, so it possibly was made and given to her by a relative during her childhood in Florida.

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