February 5, 2018

Schuster Mansion, Milwaukee


My friend Nancy invited me to come along to sample a Victorian high tea in Milwaukee.  She is in the midst of  researching sources for Victoriana artisans, B&Bs, and such to be listed on a site called Victorian Heart Shoppe.  Nancy's own gift shop, Roses and Teacups, carries all sorts of flowery, feminine, speciality items to make life sweet and beautiful.  Of course, I said yes without a second thought!

This is definitely a place to remember!  The Schuster Mansion is spectacular.  Look at this woodwork!  The current owners have done, and continue to do, all the restoration, both structural and decorative.

The mansion is a B&B and event venue.  They also host a selection of teas and special dinners, and have a lovely gift shop.  They are super busy people!

Here's the chandelier that hung above our tea table.  The house was still bedecked for Christmas as you can see (we went on Epiphany).  The more-is-more Victorian esthetic is taken to heart here!

The tea was fabulous!  I just had to eat all of it, and honestly wasn't hungry again until dinner the next night!


The tea includes a presentation by the owner about Victorian customs.  For example, did you know that it was considered impolite to blow on one's tea to cool it to drinking temperature?  Instead, one should pour a bit into the saucer, then pour that back into the cup, and repeat until the desired temperature is reached.  Who knew?  And wouldn't everyone give you A Look if you did that now? 

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