February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day Dance

I thought it'd be fun to share one of my darlin' daughter's videos today.  She is a dancer, and in 2017, created a new dance video each month.  This is the dance she made last February, all about love and sweetness.  It's title: "jam and jelly."  I hope you enjoy it!

Her words that are under the video itself explain a bit about the content and process.  Music is by her guitarist boyfriend, who also appears in the video.

Also, you can access her other 11 videos for the year on Vimeo (thumbnails on the right) or her website.  Each dance has a unique theme and ambiance, and I, personally, am super fond of the whole set. 

She's got more projects in the works for this year.  Check it out if you like to explore dance --- The Moonbelly Healing Project.  You can follow her further projects on Facebook and Instagram (@themoonbellyhealingproject) and the website.

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