January 6, 2020

My Happy Holiday Sewing

We had just a few holiday plans, no travel, no guests, and so I decided that sewing on all sorts of back-burner projects of my own was The Thing To Do.  It was so fun!  Here are the results.

The farm.
Another (could it be the last?) quilt in my Something From Nothing series.  This one's been in the planning stage for nearly two years, taking tiny steps towards construction.  It entered full-out construction mode during a fiber retreat in October.  And now it's done!  (It's made with plastic produce bags.)

A flannel tunic.
Warm as they may be, I get so tired of pullover sweaters and turtlenecks all winter.  I'm not much for fussing with my wardrobe, but decided to give myself some warm clothes of different shapes and styles.  I've now (over the last 18 months or so) completed four new winter tops, all made from fabrics I found on the giveaway table at my needlework guild.  I cut this one out about 3 months ago, and now, ta-da, I can wear it for the rest of the winter.  That's a vintage 1970s pattern. 

Helping my daughter with her solar system quilt.
Such fun!  It's the first really full-out quilt she's made.  Lots of the teaching was done via video chats.  The quilt will enjoy its own post soon.

Memory quilt top.
I'm still in touch with my 5th grade teacher!  I got a surprise request from her - that I help her finish two memory quilts for her two granddaughters, made with fabrics from her husband's collection of Hawaiian shirts.  So much meaning on so many levels!  She sent fabric, already cut, for the first top, and will soon send the next.  I am doing just the piecing, and then handing the tops off to a friend who is good at the quilting and finishing. 

Mending my own bed quilt.
This quilt was featured in two posts a few years ago.  I made it in the 1980s with the scrap collection from my childhood and young adulthood.  And the years are catching up with it.  I found and cut patches, and pinned them to the quilt with safety pins.  I can bring it downstairs for sewing, and take it back up at night for sleeping - patches always handy.

Nope.  Not the last Something From Nothing.  Nope.
A set of fabrics had been pinned to my design wall for eons, just not ever gelling into A Thing.  And then, wouldn't you know it, as I declared the series finished and took them off the wall, a grand idea popped into my head....so I'm still in my series project....

....And then I thought about making a summary quilt, the period at the end of the sentence.  And that turned into maybe two summary quilts - one, an improv thing "celebrating" the scraps, and the other, a 16-patch made of fabrics that never found a home in any other quilt.  So no, still in my series project.  Several folks predicted that this would happen.  I firmly denied it.  And here I am, publicly announcing how much better they know me than I know myself.  LOL.

Pillow and alterations.  Odds and ends.
It's my own little New Year's tradition - try to get lots of things mended and start out the year kind of all in one piece.  Pillow top thrifted by my friend Martha - I made the pillow form.  Glued some broken things.  Patched husband's sweater elbows.

And as a special bonus:

Hersey family tree.
This is a teaser for a full blog post that'll be coming along soon-ish.  It's all about the 1897-8 name-inscribed quilt that I researched over the last few years.  Over the holidays, I met a distant, distant cousin of one of the people whose names I'd researched.  I'll be writing up the whole story and lots of photos of a fantabulous old family tree that she has, that shows how the two branches are related.

And to end my busy holidays:
A fun post from the Textile Research Centre.   St. Distaff Day is coming up, tomorrow, January 7.  I'll just say that the first sentence of the post is "St. Distaff Day is a medieval English joke." 

Whew!  It's astonishing how much can get done when the rest of the world kind of gets out of the way!!!

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