January 10, 2020

A Tale of Two Quilts


Just about three years ago, I posted about a quilt I repaired.  The great-granddaughter who brought me the quilt for repair wrote the story of the quilt and its maker, and sent photos, all of which are included in my post.  The pattern is Pointed Tile, and both the great-grandma and the great-grandpa were quite handy with all sorts of needlework and crafts. 

Christina Waldman found that post and wrote to me about a Pointed Tile top made by her grandmother that she was quilting up.

Well, she's finished the quilting and written a most lovely story on her blog.  She perfectly captures the love and memories that make family quilts so special.  She's included tons of details, the kinds of things small children notice, which I find especially touching.

It's fun to see these expressions of the personalities of two different women and to read about their lives:

The story of the quilt I repaired.   

The story of the top that Christina quilted. (These photos are hers.)

And here's Christina's grandmother.

I totally recommend reading both posts.  They'll warm your heart, and make you glad that you're a quilt-lover.

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