August 11, 2014

Art Deco Second Addendum

Well, here's another addition to my increasing knowledge Cleopatra's Fan, the Art Deco-style pattern on this quilt.  Here's what's gone before:
Original post
First addendum

A very astute and friendly reader of this blog scouted out and is sharing a couple of websites with us.

First link:  Robert Kaufman Fabrics has a free downloadable pattern.  Lo and behold, the quilt pictured is exactly the same as the kit on the Keepsake Quilting site which taught me the pattern's name.

The Kaufmann page taught me something new as well.  (This quilt is bringing me all sorts of new info!)  It looks to me like this page is selling fabrics for shops to buy in quantity to make kits.  In other words this is one way places like Keepsake Quilting get the patterns and fabrics for their kits.  I'd never given it much thought, but always kind of assumed that kits were made up by the shops.

It's great to see closeups of this collection of fabrics - they really are beautiful, aren't they?

Second link:  Sharlene Jorgenson has a great template set, and a video that demonstrates how to piece the block.  The video starts with a fun discussion of pros and cons of different ways to place colors and values in the block.  I'm always fascinated by how changing fabric placement can made the same patchwork pattern look like totally different blocks.

So, the Cleopatra's Fan saga continues!  Thanks, astute and friendly reader!  I am musing about what mine will look like.  It probably will be another in my set called Something From Nothing.

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  1. Yes, I've indeed made a quilt using this block. Here's the post about it: