August 18, 2014

Embroidered Initials

This quilt dates to c. 1900.  This 4-patch 9-patch combination block would be a nice pattern for beginning quilters.

There are initials embroidered with a tiny stem stitch in most of the blocks.

This block has a previous repair - I can tell because I can see the appliqué stitches and the pieces don't always match up to the old seams.  The initials were covered over.

Here's a tiny patch that I did - I'm excited about successfully manufacturing a two-color patch across a seam!


  1. These quilts are so beautiful! Quilting is something I never quite got the hang of.

    1. Hi, Stephanie. I visited your blog ( and it looks like you do just about everything else! I'm adding you to my blog list. Thanks for visiting me here!