August 14, 2014

Happy Summer Sailboats

Isn't this just the happiest quilt!  This is part of what makes repairing quilts so much fun - I get to have quilts like this come and visit for a while.

The combination of block designs and colors make this quilt a delightful rendition of being out on the water on a sunshiny day. (And yes, it does look like it was cut down at some point in its life.)

And isn't this interesting - an appliquéd Mariner's Compass.  Has anyone else seen one before?  I love that it's multicolored.  But these days I'm finding myself drawn to any design that uses the full spectrum, so that's not too surprising.

The repairs needed were patches of tears in some of the blue fabric, and also restitching some of the appliquéd compass points.  This block shows two ways I patched the blue:

One technique is the quarter-circle patch in the lower left.  I made the patch to fit inside the quilting lines to hide it better.  The other technique was used for smaller tears like the one on the center right side of the block.  (The red tip of the compass point to the right is sort of pointing to that patch.)  That was done with reverse appliqué, a small piece of fabric slipped inside the tear and the edges turned under and stitched.

I found an amazingly great color match!  This is how I justify the enormous fabric stash I have.  I keep everything.  The scrap that these patches came from was about 10" by 10", a very irregular piece left over from who-knows-what previous project(s).

I hang on to absolutely everything!  I have different bins: 19th century, turn of the century, 1930s-40s, 1950s-60s.  And now that I've been doing this for so long, the stuff that used to be my own palette is now vintage, my source for repairing the 70s-80s things that are starting to fall apart.

Oh, and here is the bright floral print that is on the back.

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