April 19, 2017

A Perfect 1930s Double Wedding Ring

I call this a perfect quilt, because it is just what a 1930s quilt is all about.  There's the popular Double Wedding Ring pattern.  There's the wide range of 1930s prints and soft colors.  There's great quilting. 

It currently belongs to the maker's granddaughter.  It was pieced by Martha Streitmatter, and quilted by the sewing circle at her church in Princeville, Illinois.

There's also a fun (at least I think it's fun) story about the repair work that I did before I washed the quilt.

A short while ago, I posted about a 1930s sampler quilt that I had great fun repairing.  There was one block that I found really disappointing, though, because there was no damage to that fabric.  What an odd thing to say, right?  Well, I own the exact same vintage fabric, but didn't get to experience the joy of using it.

So when this quilt came along with one particularly weak fabric in pretty much the same color combination and size of print, I jumped at the chance to use my "neglected" fabric.

Sometimes, the strangest things can make me very happy!


  1. What a stunning Double Wedding Ring quilt. And, loved hearing that you were able to use your 'neglected" fabric to make a repair.

    1. Thanks for writing in! I've got another Double Wedding Ring here right now, so there will hopefully be another DWR post fairly soon. It's got a great edge treatment. I enjoyed poking around in your blog, lots of info and your quilts are quite fun.